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Published on 02 MAY 2021

I keep this website dedicated mostly to personal writing. However, there are some articles I’ve written and projects I’ve worked on professionally that I am proud of or just find particularly interesting, so this page is to share some of those.


I post articles that I write for work to my Medium page. For a deep dive into how Polkadot works, check out The Path of a Parachain Block.

I have also written extensively on the Polkadot Wiki. My major contributions there are the integration guide and comparisons with Ethereum 2 and Cosmos.



The main project that I work on in my day job. I also run some validator nodes. More about that on the dedicated Polkadot page.

Relay Chain

I host the Relay Chain podcast. If you want some episodes to start with, I suggest Gavin Wood, Jillian York, Shira Frank, Kirill Pimenov, and Harlo Holmes.


My current project (at least as of May 2021) is the development and launch of Statemint, a Polkadot parachain dedicated to the creation and management of promise-based assets on Polkadot.